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home phones that work during power outages

How old is the phone in your house? Do you have a landline phone that will work during power outages? So many homeowners have tossed out their old phones with cords and replaced them with cordless models. Unfortunately, many of those cordless models don't work when the power goes out. If you experience power outages often, it is important that you have the type of phone that will keep you connected to the outside world when the electricity is out. This blog will show you what your options are so that you can find a suitable phone for your home.

4 Ways To Keep Your Home And Neighborhood Safe

No one wants a stranger entering their home, rifling through their belongings and stealing valuables. There are criminals in every city, but there is a lot you can do to help protect your home and your neighborhood from crime. Check out these four tips that can protect you and your neighbors.  

Install a Home Security System

One of the best ways you can keep your home safe from intruders is to install a home security system. Of course, there are many different types of security systems, so you'll need to determine which is right for you. One question you'll need to decide is whether you want a system that is monitored via landline, cellular or broadband. Cellular systems are the most reliable and fastest option, but other options are less expensive.

Another decision to make is how encompassing you want the system to be. Basic systems offer no frills, but they will let the monitoring center know when an intruder has entered your home for an affordable price. Other systems may have security cameras, so you can catch an intruder in the act, or just see who is at the door. When you add mobile networking to the system, the options grow exponentially. Some advanced systems allow you to monitor your home from your phone and control other features, such as lighting, locks, thermostat, etc.

Rearrange Your Landscape

Designing the perfect yard isn't just about creating beautiful landscaping. It's also about deterring criminals. An overgrown yard with tall bushes and lots of overhanging trees is the perfect place for a criminal to hide before they break into your or your neighbor's house.

Keeping plants low to the ground increases visibility. Try to keep bushes and hedges to three feet and shorter. Adding gravel near windows allows you to hear anyone creeping up to your house, and thorny plants under your window will also cause criminals to rethink their decision. If your neighbors also have tall bushes and shrubs, talk to them about what they can do to increase safety.

Add Some Lights to the Neighborhood

Besides overgrown yards, another thing criminals love is the darkness, which is why it's important to keep your neighborhood well-light through the night. You can protect your own home by keeping your porch light on, adding floodlights and adding extra lights to particularly dark areas of your yard. If your entire neighborhood needs more light, talk to your neighbors about leaving porch lights and flood lights on all night.

If your road lacks streetlights, that could be an open invitation to criminals. Unfortunately, you can't just install streetlights on public roads. Guidelines vary from city to city, but you may be able to petition your city for streetlights.

Foster a Feeling of Community

One last way to promote security within your neighborhood is to foster a feeling of community. When neighbors get to know each other, they are often more inclined to do something if they see something strange occurring on your property (such as a stranger entering your home). This is extremely important if you go on vacation. Knowing you're gone, your neighbors will keep an eye on your house.

There are many ways to create a feeling of community. For starters, if someone new moves into the neighborhood, introduce yourself. Invite neighbors to dinner or coffee. Another great way to get the neighborhood to interact is to hold neighborhood events, such as block parties and garage sales.   

Don't let criminals win. There are many ways to deter burglars and keep your neighborhood safe. For more information about security or to get a quote on an alarm system, contact a security provider, such as Tele-Plus, in your area today.